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Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health start your year off and finish it feeling fresh and uplifting with a wellness body treatment. Offering relaxing Swedish massage,deep tissue,detox massage,pregnancy,hot stones,body scrubs, exfoliation and aromatherapy treatments and more.  

Swedish massage 1 hour $85,1 hour and 30 min $95 (30 min $45 or 45 min $60)

Deep tissue massage 1 hour 95$ or 1 hour 30 min 105$   (30 min-$55,45 min $70)

Pregnancy Swedish massage 30 min 45$,45 min $60 or 1 hour $85 

Body scrub-Exfoliation treatment with massage 1 hour 90$ or 1 hour 30 mins $110

Hot stone massage 1 hour $90 or 1 hour 30 min  110$ 

Aromatherapy massage 1 hour $90 or 1 hour 30 min $ 110 

Detox treatment with massage- 1 hour $90 or 1 hour 30 min $110

Cellulite treatment-1 hour $90 or 1 hour 30 min $110

Sugar foot scrub-$15 (add on to any massage except pregnancy or hot stone due to contraindictions)

All treatments are therapeutic and customized to clients needs specifically.Swedish massage is very relaxing, focusing on superficial top layer muscles using light to moderate pressure increasing whole body circulation and decreasing stress. Deep tissue massage also relaxing, aims below superficial muscles under the top layer,using a more intense pressure that focus on tension or a problem areas specifically. Pregnancy massage for expectant mothers uses very relaxing specialized techniques and positioning to relieve stress and tension bringing comfort to nourish both mom and baby . Service such as Body Scrubs, Exfoliation or Sugar foot scrub treatments removes impurities and dead skin cells, combined with a relaxing Swedish massage refreshing and reviving skin for a healthy glow while improving circulation. Hot stone massage uses healing stones, combined with relaxing Swedish massage techniques to relax muscles and allow deeper access to tissues with a warm sedative effect, promoting deep relaxation and healing. Aromatherapy massage is your choice of a essential grade oil blended in a customized massage treatment to enhance healing during session may help with allergies,headaches,stress,congestion and more choose from lavender,eucalyptus,peppermint or (other blends avail seasonal). All services are beneficial and rewarding for optimal health care. Stay balanced and healthy by making massage a priority weekly, bi-weekly or monthly we can discuss the best plan for your health needs.

Chair massage offered offsite any event or corporation we bring the gift of healing to you please call for details and pricing. 

Now offering Naturally Pure Organic Body oils,Body butters,Body scrubs, scented,unscented or Essential oil Candles and Room sprays and avail for sale individual or gift packaged. Starting at $5 and up